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Our goal is to provide a safe environment where every child is seen and loved for who they are as they are made in His image. We create intentional relationships with parents that will assist in building stronger families and deepening their relationship with the Lord. We accomplish this by offering fun learning environments and purposeful events.

For Parents

Before Your Visit
Before Your Visit

Your child’s safety is our top priority. To ensure your child’s safety, we use a secure check-in system to ensure that your child gets to their assigned classroom and can only be picked up by you or an authorized adult.

If this is your first time visiting us, we do ask that you arrive a few minutes early to check everyone in.

Children's Ministry Wellness Policy
Children's Ministry Wellness Policy

In order to create and maintain a healthy environment for your child, each room is cleaned thoroughly each week and after each use. Leaders and children are encouraged to wash their hands continually in order to prevent the spread of germs.

Parents, children should be symptom free for at least 24 hours before being checked into the children’s ministry. In order to help us create and maintain a healthy environment, please do not check your child in if they have any of the following symptoms:
• Fever or does not appear to be well
• Continuously runny nose or frequent nasal drainage
• Frequent loose or watery stools
• Frequent cough, sneezing, or shortness of breath
• Vomiting
However, let us know if your child has symptoms due to allergies. We also realize that some symptoms hang on when a child is not contagious.

Ministry Contact

For any further questions or information, please contact Candy McGee.

Candy McGee

Children and Marketing Director